New General Government ASM

On the 25th ,26th ,27th January this year, at the Aliança de Santa Maria Formation House,
the IV General Chapter of the Aliança de Santa Maria took place. The Sister Capitulants 
were  joined by the Vicar for Consecrated Life of the Archdiocese of Braga, Reverend 
Father Manuel Morujão.

At this meeting the activities and the life of the congregation in the last 6 years were
presented as well as the projects and challenges for the next six years. Moreover, the new
General Government was elected, whose mission is to lead its members in accordance with
the founding spirit and charism.

Thus, for the next 6 years, the administration of our
Congregation is composed of the following members:

Sr Natália Rocha: Superior General
Sr Ângela de Fátima Coelho: Vicar General
Sr Marta Mendes: Second Counsellor
Sr Margarita Cervantes: Third Counsellor and General Treasurer
Sr Deolinda Oliveira: Fourth Counsellor

It is in a spirit of much gratitude and joy that we welcome them and entrust them to the 
Lord through the hands of Holy Mary, our Mother and Queen, who inspired our founders 
and now sends us, her allies.

Ângela Oliveira asm