Luminaries of Holy Mary

On the past November 12th the Luminaries of Holy Mary had their usual mini pilgrimage to a local 
Marian shrine, which was attended by a group of 31 people. This time the chosen place was the 
Fatima Shrine in St. James’ Parish, Charles Town, West Virginia.

It was a grace filled day in which, both through prayer and socialization, the bonds that gather all 
the Luminaries as a spiritual family were strengthened.

The pilgrimage started with the prayer of the Rosary during the trip to the Shrine. There the group
had a beautiful Mass in which the Luminaries participated also with their wonderful singing and there 
was also the possibility of participating in the International Rosary.

After the Mass, the group had lunch at the Parish, to which followed a talk by the local Deacon and a 
final moment of prayer at the Church, with the Divine Mercy chaplet.

The return home was, as the trip to the Shrine, in a prayer environment and with a most joyful
feeling, just like Sta. Jacinta that used to say: “I seem to have a fire in my heart…”

Benedita Costa asm