Maria Áurea Soares was a high school teacher when she met Maria Clara de Vasconcelos Pereira who was completing her training as a primary school teacher. Women of exceptional intelligence and strong willed, of different backgrounds and with distinct personalities, who sought to follow Christ in fidelity. Finding in each other a similar impulse of the Spirit and a similar love to Our Lady, whom they called “Mother”, in 1966, Áurea 41 and Clara 18, left everything to embark on the mission that set their hearts on fire, of spreading the Message of Fátima.

Clara, of frail health, had a delicate nature, sensitive and incredibly joyful, which she expressed in her motherly affection towards others.
Áurea possessed vast knowledge and artistic talent along with a determined spirit and a gift for speaking.

But mostly they were “two souls on fire” with “a passion for God and the Kingdom”. From this core they relentlessly spread the message of Fátima and began to grow as a group.
Clara died in 1994 and Áurea in 2001, their lives having shone with the steadfastness of faith, the unwavering trust in God’s Word, and the strength of Unity which they took as a vow. The congregation feels particularly connected to Clara as the model of consecrated life and the living out of the charism.  

"Fátima is a formidable Truth of God, and God’s Truths do not lie in stone in their historical past."

"But I was not created for anything else but for God!"

"Let it be, Lord, grounded in humility and prayer that you may build on us."

"No one can feel greater joy than those who feel the gaze of the Lord and the hand of Our Lady upon them and respond with a generous 'yes'."